Press-on Nails

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Get your business on a new level today!

each set will include 20 nails (2 of every size) that can be filed down if necessary to fit once your customer receives it. If the set has accent nails, 4 will be included on random/most popular accent fingers unless specified.

each set will be shipped in a black box and will include a nail prep and application kit. 

timeframe to order and receive will vary based on the quantity purchased.

select your designs from our current store offering and specify it at the checkout screen OR send us an email to with a design you would like to recreate and we will let you know if we can do it for you.


10 for $150 ($15 EACH)
20 for $295 ($14.75 EACH)
30 for $435 ($14.25 EACH)
40 for $480 ($12.00 EACH)
50 for $500 ($10 EACH)
over 50 pieces is priced at $10 each set.