Just Peachy press-on nails

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this  includes a set of 10 custom nails with application kit

There are different ways to order your press on nails:

GOOD FIT: use the nail sizing chart and match your nails to the sizes on it. your nails may not be the same size on both hands. if your sizes do not appear on the chart, select ‘custom size’ and write down your sizes and put a note at the checkout screen with the size nails that you need. Select XS, S, M, L to order this style 

BETTER FIT: order a set of 20 nails. you will receive 2 of each size nail that you can file to fit if need be. if your nail has designs you will receive 4 designs on random fingers. Click here to order this style 

BEST FIT: order a physical nail sizing chart to be mailed to you. match your nails to the sizes in the kit once you receive it, then order your set of finished nails. Click here to order

nail orders are non-cancelable and non-returnable